Have you ever sat down and "tried to meditate" only to get super distracted with your mind wandering everywhere? Yea, me too..

There are actually many methods of meditation and some will work for you and others will fall short and that's perfectly OK. The problem is that in popular culture, you're only aware of 1 type of meditation. Sit down, quiet your mind and be preset.

Now this may be a little long but in order to understand what this sequence will do for you, you should hear my story of how I found it.

I stumbled onto active meditation in 2013 out of sheer necessity, I was living in a new city working 2 jobs to support my now wife while she went to school. I wasn't sleeping much and my family wasn't supportive of my decisions and didn't speak to me, I was alone which definitely sucked. I had so much on my mind and so many things left unsaid, so much emotion and so much hurt that was weighing me down.

I would stay after hours at the gym, work out in the dark when everyone left and then go into the dance studio and start hitting the punching bags. One day I started just letting loose, swinging and kicking with no care if I hit the bag or not, screaming and swinging as if I was a 5 year old who didn't get his way. I honestly don't know what came over me, it was like my body was purging all my energy, soon I wasn't even swinging anymore. I was stomping and screaming all the things I wish I could say, letting go of all the hurt and loneliness I was feeling, there were days I literally would drop to my knees and cry.

I know what you're thinking, "this guy is a little crazy", but let me tell you, I felt so damn good after this (haven't you every cried or laughed so hard that you felt like you were on cloud 9 after?). So good in fact I made it a routine, I started lifting heavier and was able to speak more clearly and with resolve, I made better food choices and overall just felt like I was Chris 2.0 from my new routine. This is why I'm sharing this story with you, because all the things you suppress manifest in your body and choices in very interesting ways that may be holding you back from the strongest version of yourself.

Fast forward a few years and I found one of my mentors, learned all about dynamic meditation which is what Active Meditation falls under and how what I did on my own, purging myself, was an incredibly healthy thing to do and there was actually a more structured way to do it.

So I flew down to Texas January 2019 to work with my mentor and learn these new meditations in person, this was nothing short of a life changing experience for me and opened my eyes to the structure. Below is a simple outline of the Active Meditation I currently practice, I do a condensed 30 minute version but this is intended to be an hour long sequence.

Stage 1: Chaotic Breathing - This is a 2 part benefit. First is you are building up your energetic charge, getting you ready for the next phase when you let it all go. Think of pumping up a balloon, one breath at a time getting bigger and bigger till it finally explodes with no remorse. The second is we are increasing the oxygen in the body, the more oxygen we have in the body, the more healing power we yield and better cognitive function.

Stage 2: Catharsis - Yep, let that s#!t out! Do not hold anything back; Jump, scream, swing, stomp, laugh, cry. Whatever comes to the body just let it flow and let it flow with INTENSITY, fake it at first if you have to but you need to exhaust yourself till you feel like you can't give anymore. This is where the magic happens, because we are given permission to express ourselves freely which is incredibly rare in today's world.

Stage 3: Mantra Chant - Here we awaken your sleep energy or enter what we call Alpha/Theta state where your sleeping mind and awake mind are one. This chant is done with a small jump while chanting "hoo", this should bring you fully to exhaustion.

Stage 4: Silence - Now that your body energy is purged, there is no more energy left to block yourself out of your own mind with distractions. Allow yourself to be present.

Stage 5: Music will gently come back into your soul as you begin to move, not going straight to that epic dance move you have, this isn't for anyone else, it's just for you. So move and celebrate your new found vitality.

One important note: This whole thing is done with your eyes closed.You can find more information at https://www.oshodynamic.com

I know this was a bit of a read but I really hope you were able to take something away from this, and if you are interested in learning more or even participating in a guided Active Meditation, find @the_movementspecialist on IG and sign up for the next class at our home in Costa Mesa!

In Good Health,

Chris Santillan


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