Everyone wants to make big changes like a full diet makeover, start an intense 5 day a week training program or opt-in for that obstacle course race only 1 month away. We start strong, so excited about the new motivation and how bright our future looks because we’ve made the change. The only problem with that is that you haven’t made the switch, you’ve only thought about the switch and after a week or so that excitement starts to dwindle along with all of those excited changes you made.

If this sound familiar please keep reading because i’m going to uncover the root of this problem and how to break that cycle once and for all. 

Let’s start with what made you make the change to begin with. Often times a decision for a change doesn’t come out of the blue, it’s linked with a life event or a time in your life where you just get fed up with how you feel and it’s been a feeling accumulating for months if not years. Either way the decision didn’t come from cracking open a fortune cookie that said “You need to make some serious life changes, starting with your health”.

Identify what brought you to this change, why are you so excited about this and most importantly, what are the consequences of NOT making this change. When the excitement fades you will need something else to look at, understanding that there are consequences for your inaction (e.g. blood pressure continues to rise, weight continues to increase, won’t get that promotion), whatever it is you need to come to terms with a real consequence that you DO NOT want to happen. 

Try it Now! Write both of those down, What are you excited for once you’ve achieved the goal, how do you feel? What would happen if you gave up, how would you feel then?

Now that you have that clear image of how you’d feel if you succeeded or failed, let’s make sure you succeed.

A lot of people want to make MASSIVE changes all at once, it’s proven that such a large disruption to your life is unsustainable and if/when you fail you’ll give up every part of the change. So, the key here is to build discipline in the changes the same way you build muscle, over time. That’s right, it’s going to take time to solidify these changes and we all know crash diets don’t work, the changes you make today is going to be how you’re going to be living your life from her on out.

Let me say that again, the changes you make now are how you will be living your life from here on out. That’s right there’s no going back to your old ways, why would you want to? That’s what got you into this predicament to begin with.

So to build yourself up over time just follow these simple steps:

  1. Set long term goal
  2. Break it down to smaller achievable goals (reverse engineer it)
  3. Celebrate every victory no matter how small (You deserve it)
  4. Set weekly goals that are realistic but challenging
  5. Only change 1-2 things at a time
  6. Never stop improving
  7. Find your support system, tell them what you're doing and how they can help

If you follow these steps you will see long term results because the changes you make will be permanent, the challenges you face will be an experience of self discovery. This journey is all about you and it always has been, give yourself permission to be selfish. A good leader leads by example and is only useful as long as they can perform their duties to their fullest potential. We believe in you as an individual and a leader, now get out there and show the world what you can do!

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