When will I see Results?!

When you begin your new journey towards a healthier lifestyle, you are going to need to be committed. As with everything, the average person tends to become a bit impatient when they haven’t lost those 5lbs they wanted in the first week. Goes to the gym once, immediately checks for abs. Though it’s great you’re working on your fitness, you mustn’t become disheartened when you aren’t seeing results right away. Think of how long it took you to put on that weight; it isn’t going to change overnight. So, how does it really take to start seeing some real results?

One Month In

Hands down the most difficult month is month number one. Not only is it difficult to get started from square one but it is also difficult to find a nutrition and fitness plan that works with your unique schedule. If you are starting a resistance training regimen the first results you are going to see will be a decrease in body fat and an increase in muscle tone. This usually happens within the first 2-4 weeks. These “gains” offer you a huge window of opportunity to pounce on training that is working for your body and adapt it to the way you feel most comfortable while still making progress.

Three Months In

Once you have been consistently training for at least three months you will really begin seeing some change. This change isn’t just weight loss, but lean muscle gain as well. At this point you will be looking and feeling fitter than ever. If you are sticking to your nutrition and fitness plan then your body fat will drop as well. At this point though, you may be reaching the peak of this regimen and will need a change. Your body learns from each exercise you do and will eventually plateau. If the gym has really been working for you, maybe it’s time to throw in some sort of boot camp to keep things fresh and keep the progress rolling in.

Six Months In

Once you have been dedicated to your fitness for over six months you are truly into this new lifestyle. This is the point where you will begin to feel terrible for missing even a single workout. At this point you have probably created new goals because you have surpassed your old ones. It is also at this point that you have plateaued and will need to change up your workout and nutrition plan once again to keep things fresh and to keep the progress rolling in.

However if you haven’t reached your goals, there are many other factors that also play a pivotal role in your journey. The key is to not become discouraged when searching for a solution to your problem. Some of these other factors include adequate sleep, protein intake, drinking enough water, and much more.

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