Breegan has been involved with fitness for a little over 4 years now. She was a soccer player all her life and even continued on to playing college ball for University of Hawaii at Hilo, but after 2 short years, she lost her passion and was looking to seek a new passion elsewhere. That's when she found fitness. Now, she didn't have a passion for fitness right away, but throughout her own journey-the highs and the lows, is when she fell in love with it. Breegan majored in Kinesiology when she did attend school, so she has always been around the human body and what it can do. She has also competed in two bikini competitions, and although she may not do another one, It was a great experience for her. Breegan is a certified personal trainer through ASFA and currently working on her NASM for personal training and nutrition to better equip her knowledge in the fitness industry.