About Me

Born May 4th 2986 in Queens, New York. Grew up in New Jersey and now currently residing in Huntington Beach, California. Began sports at the age of 4 with Gymnastics and Soccer as the main focus.

"It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

- Babe Ruth


7 Years Experience

Specialization in:

Functional Training for the everyday person


Circuit Training


Olympic Lifting

Strength Training

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This program really helped me realize it doesn’t have to be restrictive eating and strictly lifting and cardio, but a good way to incorporate lifting into a fast paced circuit to blast your muscle and burn fat away! I definitely feel stronger and have a better mindset too. Thank you so much!

- Ryan Kaydo


I love the entire programme! I definitely gained heaps of strength and I feel amazing!! I see significant changes and progress on my back, arms and also hamstrings! I especially love the burpee to bar workout! Hope to be able to train again soon!

- MienWei Leong


I completed the workout program and I loved it! Thank you so much. I recently moved and could not find a work out class that I liked. I love circuit workouts and your workouts pushed me every day. There were times when I couldn't make it to the gym, so I would improvise at home. You can really tell a difference and I definitely feel different.

Thank you again! :)

- Jenna Roback