Mark G. Private Training

Train with the owner, Mark G. in our focused semi-private sessions. Mark has over 12+ years experience in the training industry and specializes in glute focused sessions.

Work outs are always customized to your individual goals & nutritional guidance can be given upon request. If you are looking to take your training up a notch or need specialized attention due to an injury, Mark's sessions are made for you. 

Class times:

Monday - 8, 9, 10am
Tuesday - 8, 9, 10am, and 5, 6pm
Wednesday - 8, 9, 10am
Thursday - 8, 9, 10am, and 5, 6pm
Friday - 9, 10am
Saturday - 8, 10am

 *Sessions cap at 4 people


Interested in trying a session with Mark? A single session is $40* (for new client only). This fee can be applied towards a membership if you do decide to sign up. 

Add this product to your cart, check-out, and Mark will personally contact you within the next 24 hours to schedule your sessions with him.