Mark G. Private Training

Train with Mark G. in our focused semi-personal sessions.

~ Get the most experienced glute coach in Orange County with 12 + years of experience.

~ Don't want to train just glutes, Mark has your back, and your arms and your abs with these class times.

~ Get your own personalized workout program.

Best part about this is that you are not by yourself. Sessions cap at a minimum 5 people per private session and never more.

Class times:

M - 8, 9am

T - 8, 9, 10am, 6:30pm

W - 8, 10am

Thu - 8, 9, 10am, 6:30pm

Fri - 9, 10am

Sat - 8, 10am

Class times coming in 2019:

Mon-Friday 7am, 5pm, 6pm


Session Pricing

$40 for single sessions 

$350 for a 10 session pack

Best Deal

$320 for 10 sessions mo to mo for 3 months - First Time Clients Get  50% off your first month . That’s $16 per session for the first month! Don't worry once the 3 months are over continue month to month or just cancel after, it's that easy.