Here at Elev8 Performance we pride ourselves on providing the best of the best for our clients, which is why we have so much to offer! Check out all of our amenities that we offer for our gym family

Infrared Sauna

Ready for the ultimate recovery after workouts? An infrared sauna is highly beneficial post-workout because the sweat your body generates from a sauna session facilitates the body's detoxification process by penetrating the body at the cellular level, while the infrared heat aids with muscle recovery and helps alleviate muscular pain after exercise.

Kangen Water

Re-structured alkaline water helps to neutralize the increase in lactic acid in your muscles, as well as keep you deeply hydrated before, during and after your workout. The increase in hydration also means in a decreased chance of injury in joints and “dry” muscles. The more your body is hydrated, the more smoothly it will operate when under physical duress.

Body Contouring

Ready to cut your time in half for seeing results? Body Contouring is available at Elev8 and helps you shred the fat quicker than ever! As a member you will receive a FREE session and consultation about what Body Contouring services are right for you to help enhance your workouts. Whether it be Radio Frequency, Cavitation, Laser Lipo Panels, or Brazilian Butt Lift... we have something for everyone!

Nutrition Mentorship

Ready to feel good on the inside and out? We offer Nutrition Memberships, Counseling, and Guidance with select memberships! Change your perspective of nutrition for the best and say goodbye to fad diets. We are here to help fix the relationship people have with food and give calories a good name for you and your journey. Food is fuel and is critical to your fitness & lifestyle!

Conditioning Classes

Burn off those extra calories and lean out with our weekend Conditioning Classes! Our Conditioning Classes combines strength and cardio in every session to maximize your results and progress. Join our coaches in a class of 6-10 members and enjoy a fun and upbeat workout!

Local Partner Discounts

Elev8 Performance has teamed up with our local partners to provide exclusive discounts in-store and online! Once a member you will get exclusive access to this list and will receive member only discounts when showing your key fob or an exclusive promo code.