Group Fitness Schedule

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Mon Tues Wed Thurs Friday Sat Sun
5:00am-5:45am Ultimate45 PushPull45 Booty Pump45 Arms and Armor45  Turn Up45
6:00am-6:45am Ultimate45 PushPull45 Booty Pump45 Arms and Armor45  Turn Up45

   Athlete45 & Kinstretch Beginner Burn45
5:15pm-6:00pm Ultimate45 PushPull45 Booty Pump45 Arms and Armor45 
6:15pm-7:00pm Ultimate45 Booty Pump45


All Classes are design for the beginner intermediate and advance member in mind. So if it has been year or just a day from your last workout out, all classes have the option to take the pace to your own level.


Every inch counts. Especially on your body. That's why Ultimate45 hits every body part in just 45mins. This is the biggest calorie burn of all of our classes to ensure that you start your week off right.

FOCUS: Full Body 


 This class is designed to build those muscles that drive and reach in the upper body. Expect to build the muscles that you use in your day to day activities. It is essential to add this day to your workout routine.

FOCUS: Chest/Back/Core


A great workout program cannot leave out the foundation of your body, you legs. Shape and strengthen your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, in this all encompassing class.

FOCUS: Quads/Glutes/Hamstrings

Arms and Armor45

Attack your arms while also getting your heart rate at its fullest potential. This class maximizes the body part that is seen the most in pictures so you definitely don't want to miss out. 

FOCUS: Arms/Core 


It's FRIIIIIIDAYYYY!!! 🎉🎉 It's time to TURN UP! Whether you are coming in at 5am or 5:15pm, this class promises to start your weekend off on the right foot. It's full of high energy, loud music, and a full body workout that's designed to burn double the amount of calories just in case your weekend is full of temptations.

FOCUS: Full Body, Cardio


Designed for the athletic individual who are looking to take it up a notch. This class is designed to put all the weeks programing into one incredible workout.

FOCUS: Full Body, Cardio 


Sometimes starting your fitness journey can be the hardest part but don't worry, this class is for you. 

FOCUS: Full Body, Cardio