Looking for a Gym to Call Home?

Elev8 Performance is primarily a Private Personal Training Studio, however, we've recently opened our doors for Open Gym Members who are serious about showing up and getting results. With this membership, we literally give you the keys to the gym and welcome you to the family. Reserve your time in our booking app and show up ready to crush your workout.

The most common thing we hear from people looking to join Elev8 is that they want "a gym they feel comfortable in and can call home". And here at Elev8 Performance we pride ourselves on providing that experience for every member who joins!

If your previous gym experiences have included:

-Feeling lost when walking in through the doors

- Overcrowded spaces & rush hour time slots

-Uncomfortable situations aka the gym "creeps"

-Spending hundreds of dollars on memberships you barely use and get you little to no results

-Looking for a gym community and healthy environment but have not found the right fit

...then come in and join us for a FREE session and checkout how you can change ALL of that at Elev8 Performance

Our Open Gym Membership is for anyone looking to come in and crush their workouts around people who truly care about their health! No more waiting for machines, or feeling lost, because we have made our gym a user friendly experience for all fitness levels.

Included in our Open Gym Memberships:

-Bookable time slots from your phone through our app

-Your own key fob to the doors of our gym

-Kangen Water and access to Water Memberships

-Invites to Exclusive Elev8 Demo Days, Vendor Discounts, and Community Events

- Access to the Elev8 Exclusive which provides discounts at local and online businesses

-Access to our Infrared Sauna, also bookable through our app

-Showers also available to all members

Elev8 Performance is your one-stop-shop for all wellness and health needs!

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