ELEV8 Performance - Booty Bootcamp

Did you miss attending our Booty Bootcamp in May?!? We sure missed hosting it BUT there was a good reason that we took a month off and that was so we could bring you something BIGGER and BETTER in the month of June! 

You know that it is our passion to Build Booties One Bootcamp at a time and now we are bringing that motto worldwide!!! In addition to hosting our next Booty Bootcamp  June 17th at 11am at Elev8 Performance our infamous Booty Bootcamp is NOW available for purchase online! What does that mean?!?! Now you can share the torture with your Moms, Sisters, Friends and every other person that you love enough to help them build their booties!

If you or someone you know has been dying to attend one of Elev8’s Booty Bootcamps but are not local to the Huntington Beach area, we now have the solution!! When you purchase the “ONLINE VERSION” of June’s booty bootcamp, on  June 17th at 11am, you will receive an email with the full booty building workout guide for you to do at home. The guide will include a 10 minute dynamic warm-up, 10 Booty Blaster Circuits with 2 exercises per circuit, and a 10 minute cool down period with instructional stretches. If you want to make sure that you never miss out on one of our future Booty Bootcamps, make sure that you choose the “MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION” option at check-out. This will enroll you in an automatic monthly subscription to ensure that your monthly booty building guide automatically gets delivered to your email each month!

We are now Building Booties One Bootcamp at a time, GLOBALLY! #Elev8ed #Elev8BossBabes