Body Contouring & More Waist Wrap & Hot Gel

We are so excited about our partnership with Body Contouring & More. We understand how much work goes in to obtaining your healthiest & happiest body and sometimes no matter how much hard work you put in, you just don't get the results your looking for. So by pairing your work out routine, customized nutritional plan, and a little extra help from Body Contouring & more's services, we can expedite the process. Here is one of the ways to do just that....The Body Contouring Waist Wrap & Thermo-Active Hot Gel. 
Simply apply the cream prior to working out, put on your waist wrap, and let the firming & tightening begin!  

Waist Sizing Guide:

Xsm: 32in
Sm: 34in
Med: 36in
Large: 38in
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