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Programming designed to keep you engaged. Learn new skills, have fun and see results.

Semi-Private (4:1)

Our semi-private classes offer customization at affordable prices. With a maximum of four people per session, our tailored approach ensures that every workout is designed for your individual needs and goals.

Small Group Training (10:1)

Our group fitness classes focus on a scientific approach to strength training to deliver measurable results. Our programs align with your lifestyle and the seasons to ensure that you gain lean muscle mass and lose body fat effectively and sustainably.

Open Gym

Enjoy the luxury and privacy of training at our private gym. Say good-bye to overcrowding and waiting for equipment. Limited Spots Available.


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Kristina Zalewski
Kristina Zalewski
May 15, 2024
I've tried gyms before but never felt confident or comfortable. I knew I needed a coach or trainer to succeed, so on my search for a gym with a more personal touch, I found Elev8. After touring with Cierra and speaking with the owner, Kat, I felt reassured. Kat understood my goals and concerns, ensuring the gym wouldn't push me too hard too quickly and would support my desire for a gradual lifestyle change. I had a free training session with Julie, who evaluated my strength, mobility, and balance. Feeling ready, I committed to twice-weekly sessions with her, which I've maintained for four months now. My Trainer: Julie is empathetic, knowledgeable, and patient. She adjusts workouts based on my health, which fluctuates. This understanding approach eased my fears of appearing uncommitted due to inconsistent energy levels. During a sinus infection, Julie adjusted the training to avoid overexertion, providing relief and a great workout. Her attention to form has significantly improved my strength, balance, stamina, and mobility. Julie pushes me to reach my potential while being mindful and kind. You're the best Julie! Thank you! Atmosphere: The gym is welcoming, with friendly greetings from all employees. Community Connect nights with snacks and games offer a chance to meet others. Monthly check-ins with Darlene and Cierra feel like catching up with friends. Heran's cupping sessions have relieved muscle pain, and his friendly greetings make the gym feel like a second home. This supportive environment makes me feel like I truly belong. If you're looking for not only a supportive gym, but community as well, I would highly recommend Elev8!
Daryl B
Daryl B
May 14, 2024
One of the best decisions I made was signing up for a membership at Elev8 Performance. Soon after submitting a membership inquiry, Kat reached out to schedule an introductory call to discuss my fitness goals. I decided to sign up for 3-months of personal training. Kat set me up with Julie Hawk, who helped me reach my personal fitness goals in only 3 months!! With Julie's help I was able to lose over 15 pounds, while increasing my muscle growth and strength. Julie was able to challenge me and provided me with workout routines that kept things fun, while hitting my goals. Their program also helped me with my nutrition. They truly listen to their clients and will cater to your exact goals. This is by for the best gym I've been a member of. The gym staff is super supportive and listens to their members. The facility is top notch and has all the equipment you'll need to hit your fitness goals. It's been a great experience and I look forward to the growth of the gym.
Vyom Mehta
Vyom Mehta
May 12, 2024
Rarely write reviews but Elev8 and Bryant deserve a top notch review! Been to plenty of gyms and this is the only one where you have people come in to actually workout, be respectful of your space, re-rack weights and wipe down equipment. I love going to this gym and actually look forward to going to the gym. Bryant has been awesome, has helped me correct my form and I've been lifting so much better. He's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to proper lifting techniques, rehab exercises, stretches to alleviate tightness. Investing in this gym and working with Bryant for the past 1.5 years has been a great decision and I highly recommend him! I've also made some really good connections/friends at the gym. Hate to write this review because it's a hidden gem that I don't want to share with others haha!
Elizabeth Luu
Elizabeth Luu
May 10, 2024
I've been wanting to try out this gym and I'm glad I finally got myself to go! I've been seeing this gym pop up on my social media. It's worth the hype!! When I walked in, I immediately felt welcomed. The gym is modern, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. I love the small details they added (the plants, neon signs, all that jazz) I met Mark and he was able to give me a tour around the gym. There's a private sauna and cold plunge room! It's don't see that too often. I really like the idea of "private". I also noticed they have their own merch, a BMI machine, refreshments, etc. The equipment is also new. A solid 5/5. I can't believe they've been here for 7+ years! Lol. After the tour I hopped into a small group class with coach Bryant. It was challenging, but fun. He humbled me quick LOL. He's knowledgeable and you can definitely tell he's passionate about coaching. I enjoyed learning PROPER form. I can't tell you the amount of times I've jumped into a boot camp class or went to the gym just to get a good workout in-- boy...could I have been more efficient with my time. I had a wonderful experience. Good energy and good people to start the day with. I'll definitely be back.
Dimitrius Doan
Dimitrius Doan
May 4, 2024
Words simply can’t do justice how much I love this gym and the crew. After being in the market for a private gym for some time, I came across Elev8 and decided to pull the trigger on signing up. I have yet to have a bad experience with the facility, as the gym has all the equipment I could want. And it has been pleasant interacting with everyone that works there.
Jason Richard Zulueta
Jason Richard Zulueta
May 2, 2024
This is a great place to workout! I typically stay past closing time I can get a full workout in without interruption! While I am reluctant to make this place as popular as the 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness type gyms, I would love to see this business thrive. An old time gym rat like myself enjoys working out here. It’s my sanctuary for peace and relaxation. No “influencers” to inadvertently include you in their “content creation.” If you are an influencer this is a great spot! “Joey Swoll” is not going to criticize your content if you are here when I workout. Lol!
Gustavo zaragoza
Gustavo zaragoza
April 22, 2024
They have plenty of great options for anyone. I signed up for the small group training and I’ve been seeing exactly the change I’m looking for. I love how warm and friendly the community is. Plus my trainer is amazing keeps me on my toes. But come try it out I recommend it if you want to see results.

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