Personal Training (1:1)

Personal training gym in Costa Mesa, CA. Our one on one personal training membership is completely customized to your goals, your schedule and your lifestyle. Train on Your Own Terms.


The luxury of this membership is that you have your coach’s undisturbed, dedicated attention, in every session! Your coach will ensure that you understand the WHY behind every workout so that you can enter any gym confident and ready to conquer your goals. The capabilities are endless with one-on-one training and so is the flexibility of scheduling your session. Every aspect of our one-on-one training program is unique to your needs, goals, and abilities. This level of individual attention allows for precise form correction, goal setting, and progress tracking. Whether you’re seeking to shed excess weight, build muscle, increase endurance, or address specific health concerns, one-on-one training provides the most comprehensive and targeted approach to achieving your fitness goals.

A flexible schedule

Train at our gym on your own time with the coach of your choosing. Our coaches work around your schedule, not the other way around.

Set goals

Whether or not you have goals already, your coach can help you make them concrete and achievable. Our coaches can lay out a plan to meet your targets in the time you want.

Personalized attention

With a personal coach, the focus is 100% on you! You’ll get 1-on-1 attention to ensure you meet your goals.

Lasting results

Not only will your coach help you transform your health, but they’ll teach you how to maintain those results in and outside of the gym.

2x / week

$ 95
/ session

3x / week

$ 82
/ session

4x / week

$ 75
/ session


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