Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Monday – Sunday 4am – 10:30pm. We are open 365 days a year and although we might not always have staff on-site, our members have their own key fobs.

Q: How much is your open gym membership?

A: Two of our most popular options are our 12mo for $100/mo or our 24mo for $85/mo. This includes access to the facility, our sauna, alkaline water, shower, and body composition tester.

Q: Do you have a sign up fee or any annual fees?

A: Yes we have a $100 sign up fee that covers the cost of your key fob. We have no additional fees.

Q: Can I come in for a trial workout?

A: Absolutely! We welcome and encourage trial workouts to make sure our facility is a good fit for you.

Q: Can you tell me more information about personal training?

A: We believe personal training should be just that – personal! That’s why we offer different training styles that fit your lifestyle and budget. They include 1:1 training, 4:1 training (semi) and 10:1 training (small group).

Q: What type of programming do you offer for small groups?

A: We focus on building lean muscle mass and reducing body fat. We are not a bootcamp style facility and do not provide HiTT style workouts.

Q: Can I workout outside?

A: Unfortunately no. Due to the HOA and the safety of our members, we are not permitted to work out outdoors.

Q: Do you have WiFi

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have deadlifting platforms and bars?

A: Yes, we have both.

Q: Is the cold plunge included in the membership?

A: No but we do provide discounted recovery memberships for our members that include the cold plunge, red light therapy and compression therapy.

Q: Am I allowed to shoot content?

A: Yes we allow members to shoot content however we do require a level of respect and courtesy to all members while filming.

Q: Am I allowed to workout without a shirt?

A: No. We require all members to workout with a shirt to provide a level of courtesy and respect to all members in the facility.

Q: Am I allowed to workout without shoes?

A: Yes, however we require you to put your shoes back on after your exercise when you are walking around the facility for safety purposes.

Q: Do you allow freezes on memberships?

A: Yes! We allow a 4 week freeze every 90 days. You just need to submit your request in writing and our accounting department will take care of that for you. Please submit your request via email info@elev8-performance.com

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If you move more than 25+ miles away from the gym, get laid off from work, or have a doctor’s note stating that you can no longer workout, we will cancel your membership at any time for free. If you do not meet any of those criteria, then we require payment of the remaining 50% of the membership agreement as an early termination fee.

Q: How can I cancel my membership?

A: You can submit your request through our website at


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